I've Found A Pet

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If you have found a lost or abandoned animal, please contact the Humane Society of Boulder Valley as we may be able to provide guardian information if the guardian has filed a “lost report” with us.

If you are able to safely house the animal while you wait for a guardian to come forward:

  1. File an Found Report with HSBV so that we can connect a guardian with you when they call.  Our Service Desk can be reached at 303-442-4030 x391. If you choose this option, we encourage you to bring the animal to the shelter to be scanned for a microchip and to be photographed for the website. 
  2. Many forms of ID tags are traceable so please alert the HSBV representative to any ID, vaccination or microchip tag you see.  If we are able to identify the animal remotely by researching an ID tag, and you elect to retain the animal while we locate the guardian, a photograph of the pet can be submitted to servicedesk@boulderhumane.org in a jpeg format.
  3. Flyers placed in your neighborhood can aide in reuniting a pet with his/her guardian as well as posting on Craigslist under the lost/found community page.

If you need the animal to be housed at the shelter:

  1. Drive the animal to the shelter located at 2323 55th Street. Be prepared to report landmarks or crossroads where the animal was found.
  2. If you cannot transport the animal, contact your local code enforcement or animal care and control agency to transport the animal for you. To contact Boulder County Dispatch, please call 303-441-4444 or call 303-441-3333 to reach City of Boulder dispatch. Because cats are considered free-roaming animals and the city leash and licensing laws do not apply to them, City of Boulder Animal Control will not transport a cat to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley unless the cat is sick or injured.

Animals are held for a period of five days before they become property of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

If you know where an animal listed might be, call (303) 442-4030 or visit the shelter at 2323 55th Street in Boulder. Please have the animal ID number and photo handy.

Hours are 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on weekdays and 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekends.

If you have a picture to post for one of these animals, please send it along with the animals' ID number to ServiceDesk@boulderhumane.org.

Image files should be jpeg format, 320 pixels wide X 240 pixels tall. If you have a picture in a different format, go ahead and send it and we'll do the best we can to post it.