Working Cats

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley occasionally meets cats that do not conform to behaviors of the average companion cat. The cats listed on this page have demonstrated higher independence needs and less tolerance for human contact than most pet cats and often thrive in non-traditional settings such as barnyards, vineyards, or garden centers. Working cats are valued for their alert personalities and prey drive – or as we like to think of it – work ethic!

Which “work style” is right for you?

Barn Yard Buddy

The Barn Yard Buddy is often very social, but high energy and prey drive may prove challenging for a typical home environment. These cats are easily frustrated if not allowed the freedom and stimulation of the outdoors. This kitty will cheerfully lend a hand and because they are tireless, often works overtime due to their over-achieving ways!

Savvy Sundowner

The Savvy Sundowner is intermittently friendly or feisty. While these cats appear familiar with people, they possess variable tolerance for handling or petting. Some enjoy quick interactions, but object to being picked up, while others remain just out of arm’s reach. This cool cat will handle their workload with occasional check-ins before calling it a day!

Distant Diligent

The Distant Diligent answers to no one!  They expect that you’ll entrust them with their responsibilities and then give them the time and space needed to accomplish the task. These cats have little to no experience with people, and their instinct is to lay low and keep their distance. This secret agent will work hard from the shadows!

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