• NEW Hours of Operation

    Effective August 1, 2021: Our Adoption Center will have new hours of operation:

    Monday – Friday: 1-7 p.m.

    Saturday – Sunday: 1-6 p.m.

    We hope to see you soon!

  • We are here to help!

    Free pet food
    Emergency boarding
    Urgent veterinary care
    Behavior support


  • Puppy Club!

    Play. Learn. Grow.

    Register your puppy for our reward-based puppy socialization club!

  • Our adoption process has changed!

    Our Adoption Center is now open for drop-in visits!


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    We’re Hiring!

    Join our talented and compassionate team!

    Join us for our Behavior and Beer event!

    The Humane Society of Boulder Valley is thrilled to host Kathy Sdao, MA; Lindsay Wood-Brown, ACAAB; and Susan Friedman, PhD for a fun and free-style evening answering your questions about all things related to animal behavior. Save your spot today!

    Pandemic pets – where are they now?

    An update from our CEO regarding pandemic pets and our safety net that keeps pets and people together!

    Some like it hot, your pet does not!

    Did you know your car can reach over 120°F within minutes? Read our hot weather tips!

    Fourth of July Pet Comfort + Safety Tips

    Check out this article for tips and ideas to help keep your pets safe during fireworks!

    How to Adopt a Pet at HSBV

    HSBV’s Adoption Center is now open to assist drop-in guests! Learn more about our adoption process that helps pets find loving homes, while also keeping people and other pets safe!

    Watch Puttin’ On The Virtual Leash: La Paw-tisserie!

    Thank you for making Puttin’ On The Leash: La Paw-tisserie a lifesaving and life-changing success for the animals and people relying on HSBV! Watch the live stream here!

    Together Again

    Bella Dawn suddenly became very sick. Mr. Cross, a veteran who loves his little Bella Dawn very much, went to an emergency clinic but didn’t know where to turn because he didn’t have much money for her costly treatment.

    More Socially-Distanced Socialization

    Tips for more socially distanced socialization. Check out this article for tips and ideas to help your puppy be more comfortable with new people!

    Emergency Safety Net Services

    A summary of HSBV Emergency Safety Net and Community Resources available to help pets and people thrive.

    Stay-at-home orders and separation anxiety

    From being together all of the time, to resuming your normal routine, here’s how to help your pet during stay-at-home order transitions and changes!

    Ways to Help

    Every day, animals in need arrive at HSBV. Some are lost or scared, others are hurt – they all deserve access to lifesaving care and life-changing love.

    COVID-19 and Your Pet

    Your questions about COVID-19 and your pet answered by Dr. Allison Kean, HSBV Chief Clinic Veterinarian.

    Preparedness Planning for Your Pet

    Emergency preparedness and safety net resources for your pets.

    Socially Distant Socialization? You can do it!

    What a great time to get a puppy! Now what? Socialization tips for the socially distant!

    Choosing the Right Food for Your Pet

    Take the Purina Pet Food Finder quiz to learn more about your pet’s unique nutrition needs!

    Wildfire Updates

    Updates on wildfires within and near Boulder County. Please visit our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

    The science of building trust

    Research has shown time and time again that the use of reward-based, force-free strategies to train animals are just as effective as any other method, are more humane (and fun!) and less likely to create negative fallout or damage to the relationship. 

    Heartworms, fleas, and ticks! Oh my!

    While we are practicing social distancing – our pets internal and external parasites do not.  Read more about preventative care for your pet!

    On time delivery – guaranteed!

    Send an ecard for the pet parents and animal lovers in your life!

    Take (tax) credit, where credit is due!

    Read how your monetary gifts to the animals can impact your tax filings…

    Being your dog’s best friend…

    Wouldn’t it be great if your dog could talk to you, tell you what they want and what they are thinking? We have news for you!

    Help your pet avoid the “Quarantine 15”

    Pets weigh in on keeping off the Quarantine 15!