Together Again

Meet Mr. Cross and Bella Dawn…

Bella Dawn suddenly became very sick and increasingly lethargic. Mr. Cross, a veteran who loves his little Bella Dawn very much, went to an emergency clinic but didn’t know where to turn because he didn’t have much money for her costly treatment. A kind technician at the emergency clinic who knew about the HSBV Safety Net program brought the pair to HSBV. Dr. Groshong, and our veterinary team determined Bella Dawn’s mystery illness was a false pregnancy, so our team spayed her, ensured she got plenty of rest, and got her back on her tiny feet.

While our team was providing lifesaving care for Bella Dawn, Mr. Cross experienced a ruptured appendix and was hospitalized! Our animal shelter then provided a few days of boarding for Bella Dawn while Mr. Cross recovered. We are happy to report, after both health scares, this loving pair was reunited! It was all smiles, kisses, and tireless tail wags!

Your donations ensure our Safety Net is ready for pets and their guardians when they need it most.