August is National Make-A-Will Month — a month-long celebration dedicated to creating a plan for your and your pets’ future.

HSBV is excited to announce our partnership with FreeWill, a secure and easy-to-use online tool that guides you through making your will 100% cost-free!

Creating your will provides:

  1. Peace of mind: A will allows you to provide for the people and pets you love, so you know that no matter what, they will be supported. It’s especially important to name a guardian for your pets to ensure they always have a loving and safe home.
  2. Security: You can communicate important financial and healthcare decisions, so you’re prepared for whatever the future may hold.
  3. Legacy: By planning a gift of any size in your will, your legacy will save future animals’ lives and ensure HSBV is here to promote healthy relationships between pets and people — at no cost today.