You are the difference for this brave dog and thousands of animals just like him. Thank you for sharing your compassion with pets in need.

This poor pup has been through an absolute nightmare, and you might have already heard about his story. He was found at Foothills and Arapahoe in Boulder, covered in blood and dirt, with puncture wounds too numerous to count that may have been caused by a wild animal. Thankfully, our partners at the City of Boulder Animal Protection brought him to our veterinary hospital, where he’s receiving the very best care and attention.

During his time with us, this sweet boy – now named Clancy – is recovering from both a leg and toe amputation surgery. Our remarkable “three-legged wonder” is healing well since his surgeries, and our Veterinary Hospital team recently purchased him a new prosthetic leg! We hope that this will help him feel more comfortable and confident as he adjusts to his life with three legs.

The outpouring of love that this special dog has experienced during his time with us is truly heartwarming, not only from our unwavering supporters like you, but also from our dedicated Veterinary Hospital team, training and behavior experts, and devoted volunteers. With every wag of his tail, we are reminded of the many compassionate individuals out there rooting for his success. You can feel this sweet boy’s trust and relief as he continues on his road to recovery.

We continue to do everything we can to help this brave boy. We’re so grateful to everyone who has asked how to help. Any donation you can make would be appreciated and would support our veterinary programs.

Your donation will make a life-changing difference for animals who need the support of our veterinary hospital. Thank you for helping us get the word out and giving him the care he deserves.