Keep your pet safe during hot summer months!

We all love spending the long, sunny days of summer with our furry companions, but these warm temperatures can be harmful to our pet’s health. Hot cars are especially dangerous!

At 75°F outside, the inside of your car can reach 120°F in as little as 30 minutes – even with your windows open!

Please don’t leave your pets in the car… even for short errands. If you see an unattended pet in a hot car and need help, please call Boulder Animal Protection at (303) 441-3333.

Here are some other tips to keep the pets in your life happy and healthy through your fun summer plans:

  1. Ensure pets have a shaded area when spending time outside. Not much is better than lounging in the shade on a sunny day!
  2. Always keep fresh, cool water available for your pet. Take it a step further and help your community cats by leaving water bowls out for them, too!
  3. Learn the signs of heat stress and stroke. Knowing the early signs can be lifesaving on hot summer days! Pets with flat faces – Pugs, Bulldogs, and Persian cats – are more sensitive to heat because of their anatomy and have a lower tolerance for heat exposure.
  4. These boots were made for walking! Keep your pet’s paw pads safe by using booties during walks. Test the sidewalk yourself – place your hand on the pavement for 10 seconds, if it is too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for bare paws!

Want to help spread the word to keep pets safe? Download our “Some Like It Hot, Your Pet Does Not” poster.

Visit our hot weather safety tips page for more tips on how to keep your pets cool when the weather heats up!