We recommend the following reading for cat guardians:

Starting from Scratch: How to correct behavior problems in your adult cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett
Just because your cat is no longer a kitten, that doesn’t mean that you can no longer correct problem behavior. Certified Animal Behavior Consultant Pam Johnson-Bennett, author of Think Like a Cat, is here to help you bring out your cat’s inner pussycat. Geared specifically to owners of adult cats, be they recently adopted or longtime family pets, this book covers every aspect of your cat’s lifestyle, behavior, and environment. Offering specific techniques to help seemingly set-in-their-ways cats change for the better, Starting from Scratch is the next best thing to a house call from Pam.

The cat who cried for help by Nicholas Dodman
As any cat owner knows, changing a cat’s behavior can seem impossible. But contrary to popular belief, cats can be trained and cured of undesirable habits. Dr. Nicholas Dodman, one of the country’s foremost veterinary behaviorists, shows how cats can be successfully treated using the latest breakthroughs in feline nutrition, pharmacology, and behavior modification. From cat panic attacks to eating disorders, from litter box aversion to phobias and depression, Dr. Dodman provides hope and help for anyone with a “problem cat.” Using real-life case histories from his own practice, Dr. Dodman has written an entertaining and informative guide to understanding this independent, enigmatic, and fascinating pet.

Clicker Training for Cats by Karen Pryor
Positive Reinforcement that works! Clicker Training is the revolutionary new method of training that is kind, effective, fast, simple and fun! Written by Karen Pryor, the world-renowned pioneer of Clicker Training for Cats is an ideal introduction that shows you how to teach your cat: to come when called, to play without biting or scratching, to get along with dogs and other cats, to walk in a harness, to accept grooming and claw-clipping and tricks and games. Once you’ve mastered the basic principles of clicker training, you can use it for problem-solving and for expanding on your cat’s training – with the clicker, anything is possible!

The Multiple-Cat Family by Sheila Webster Boneham, Ph.D.
Cats are one of the most popular pets, and for some, one is just not enough! If this is you, The Multiple-Cat Family will show you how to successfully keep all of your feline friends happy and healthy. In this guide you will find authoritative advice on how to provide the best home for your multiple cats, including information on feeding, health care, territoriality, and training for good behavior, plus much more.

Cat vs. Cat: keeping peace when you have more than one cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett
In this companion to her successful introduction to cat behavior Think Like a Cat, Pam Johnson-Bennett, the award-winning author and feline behaviorist, shows how adding another cat to your home does not have to be the start of a kitty apocalypse. Although cats are often misunderstood as natural loners, Johnson-Bennett shows how to plan, set up, and maintain a home environment that will help multiple cats—and their owners—live in peace. Cat vs. Cat will help readers understand the importance of territory, the specialized communication cats use to establish relationships and hierarchies and how to interpret the so-called “bad behavior” that leads so many owners to needless frustration. Offering a wealth of information on how to diffuse tension, prevent squabbles and ambushes, blend two families, or help the elder kitty in your family, Cat vs. Cat is a welcome resource for both seasoned and prospective guardians of cat families large and small.