Maylis Casassa Bastres, KPA-CTP

Dog Trainer

Originally from Chile, Maylis graduated from the Universidad Austral de Chile as a Veterinarian. She recently graduated from the professional dog trainer program at the Karen Pryor Academy earning her KPA-CTP. She joined the Humane Society of Boulder Valley’s training and behavior team in November 2021.

Maylis has loved animals for her entire life, which was inspired by her grandpa and her mom. In Chile, she owned and operated a pet hotel for seven years where she worked to train dogs and their guardians. She has participated in different dog sports and areas of focus such as agility, mushing, therapy, and herding, as well as volunteering at dog refugees.
Maylis is committed to force-free, science-based training techniques, and is passionate about helping pet-parents deepen their bond with their dogs.

She is very excited to have the opportunity to translate some of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley’s training materials, and to be able to teach them to the Spanish-speaking community.

She shares her home with her husband, two lovely children, three Fancy Rats and a 10 year old Border Collie named, Flug.