Meet Blue

Just look at that handsome face! Blue is a reserved and gentle cat who loves the good life. If you are looking for a sweet and mellow buddy to share your autumn days with, come meet Blue.

Meet Zion

Zion is a handsome, active boy! Come by and see if he is the right fit for your family!

FREE Cat Adoptions for the month of September
Adult cat adoptions are FREE. 
Kittens are just $99!
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Did you know vaccinations are key to preventing many dangerous and infectious diseases for your pet? Protect him/her by scheduling an appointment with our clinic today. For more information call (303) 442-4030 and select option 2.




FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER Adult cat adoptions are FREE. Kittens are just $99!


Join us for some morning fun! Our introduction agility class introduces your canine companion to AKC agility obstacles in a manner that is fun, safe, and confidence-building!


Starts Saturday, September 27, 2014: 10:15 - 11:15 am and runs for 6 sessions


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Manage Your Pets' Veterinary Needs Online!

Is your pet a client of our Veterinary Clinic? If so, we have a cool new online service available to you! We now offer online Pet Portals to help you manage your pets’ veterinary needs online. You can now view your pets’ vaccine records, send updates of their contact information, and even request appointments or prescription refills. You can also upload photos of your pet on their personal pet profile! To learn more and to access your pet portal


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Introduction to Agility