Meet Tara

Tara the torbie is sweetly introverted and as pretty as can be. If you've been wishing for a gentle and independent feline companion who will curl up nearby on cold winter nights, come say hello to Tara.

Warm Up the Winter

Great news! We're waiving adoption fees on all cats (6 months and older) for the rest of December! So many adorable cats to choose from- hope to see you soon! Meow!

Adoptable Cats
Holiday Pet Photos

Book a session with the photographer of your choice, and a $100 donation comes back to HSBV! A basic session includes 15 minutes with your photographer and 10 digital images.

Meet Waylon

Waylon is a sleek and beautiful foxhound with a positive outlook on life that is downright infectious. If you've been looking all over for an athletic and good-natured hound dog, perhaps you'll take a shine to Waylon.


Did you know vaccinations are key to preventing many dangerous and infectious diseases for your pet? Protect him/her by scheduling an appointment with our clinic today. For more information call (303) 442-4030 and select option 2.




Now each credit has a value of $5 instead of $10, which will allow for more payment flexibility. Your credit balance now reflects this change and shows double the number of credits. For questions, please call 303.442.4030, option 4.




Fido not coming to you when you call him? Then this class is for you! Get your dog to come to you the first time you call and every time you call! This fun, specialized 45 minute class runs for 4 consecutive weeks and focuses on training recall games and building a strong Come Back to Me cue.  Weather permitting, some classes may take place outside!


4 sessions: Starting Friday, December 5 at 5:45 p.m.

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Manage Your Pets' Veterinary Needs Online!

Is your pet a client of our Veterinary Clinic? If so, we have a cool new online service available to you! We now offer online Pet Portals to help you manage your pets’ veterinary needs online. You can now view your pets’ vaccine records, send updates of their contact information, and even request appointments or prescription refills. You can also upload photos of your pet on their personal pet profile! To learn more and to access your pet portal


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